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Follow the footsteps of a young boy named Lazarus as you journey through the wonderous world of Alkynia. Your companion, however, is a spirit whose motivations are nothing but a mystery. 

Lazarus was a project for a college assignment. Development was over a 2 month period with no budget and one developer (me).  

The game is only available for windows and can only be played with keyboard and mouse. 

The game is a narrative driven walking simulator and is a short experience, lasting 10-15 mins on average. Whilst the game has been tested for bugs and most have been fixed, some may still occur as a 2 month development period for a solo developer doesn't leave much room for rigorous testing. Below are the currently known bugs, none of which impede your ability to complete the game from beginning to end. 

Known Bugs: 

- During chapter 1, the player may be randomly teleported to a different location. I am unsure of what's causing this and it may be a problem on my end as people who have played the game so far have not experienced this issue. It doesn't prevent the player from doing anything in game, unless it occurs within the first few moments of spawning,  as collisions can stop you reaching the first objective. If you find this to be the case then please press escape and click the quit option. That will take you to the main menu where you can try again. You won't have to repeat much as this is only an issue if it occurs in the first few moments. As I said, no one else has experienced it so far and I am unsure of the cause. If you do experience this bug, I apologise and hope it doesn't effect your experience with the game detrimentally. 

- Double clicking the play button can cause the first level to not load. If you find yourself in the first loading screen for more than 15 seconds, then please press escape and quit back to the main menu where you may press play again. 

If you experience any bugs/glitches beyond these two then please feel free to let me know in the comments. If it prevents the ability to complete or play the game then I will aim to fix it and update the files.

However, the game wont be receiving any further development, hence why its release status is set to cancelled. This was a college project and whilst I took it in my stride and worked hard on development for 2 months, it is not a personal project I will be continuing.

None the less, if you do decide to download and play the game, I hope you enjoy. There are aspects I am pleased with and some aspects I am not so pleased with. The game does require polish in areas and there is plenty of room for improvement. Please feel free to provide feedback in the comments, as I am always looking to improve and learn. Any and all feedback is appreciated!


- Soundtracks - Kevin MacLeod sourced via the Oath - Fantasy Music channel. Link to the channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC04Xk_4OHzPl0WY7cYi49Fg 

- Frog Model and Texture - couchjess on CGTrader. Link to download: https://www.cgtrader.com/free-3d-models/animals/other/stylised-frog-model#tab-de... 

- Backpack Model - streakseek on CGTrader. Link to download: https://www.cgtrader.com/free-3d-models/character/clothing/low-pl 

- Child's Boots - Unfortunately I cannot find the download so I can't give credit, however, the texture work and modelling work on the child's boots is not mine.

- All sounds were sourced from https://freesound.org/ 

- Every other asset in game is my own work



Install instructions

In order to play you will need to extract the Lazarus folder out of the zip file you will download.

Then open the folder and double click Lazarus.exe in order to launch the game. Your firewall may ask you to allow Unreal Engine access. This is so It can access the internet. The game has no online compatibility so you may press cancel or allow access. 

In order to extract the folder from the zip file you will need WinZip. If you do not own WinZip then it is available to download online. A simple search for WinZip via your search engine should bring up the WinZip official site. It is available to download for free. 

If you have any issues downloading or launching the game then feel free to get in contact or leave a comment on the games download page. 

Thanks again and I hope you enjoy!


Lazarus 275 MB

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